The future of SnapChat in coming future-she does

Who would have thought that an application, which was launched in 2011, will take over

the application market completely, and will become one of the most popular and one of the

most used applications in the world? That is exactly what happened with snapchat. Since its

launch, Snapchat became one of the popular applications and took the world of applications

with a new revolution. The story of application and its use changed completely as soon as

Snapchat was lunched. Before we move further, let us know what Snapchat is?

What is snapchat?

If you ask this question out in the world today, that ‘what is Snapchat’, people will laugh

at you. Not because there is anything wrong with the question, but because this app is so

popular in the technology world, that people cannot imagine that there could be someone who

does not know about this app. Well the answer to the question, ‘what is snapchat’, is quite

simple. It is nothing, but a photo messaging app, using which one can send picture messages

to your friends and family. It is one of the app that took the social networking world with a

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What is special about Snapchat?

You might be wondering that there are so many apps in which you can exchange, send or

share pictures with your selected recipients. So what is so unique that this app offers and

what is there that makes it so much popular? Well the answer to this is that this app has

specialized picture. Yes, you read it write. Snapchat picture are what makes this app so

popular and so much usable. Snapchat pictures, unlike other apps are not forever, they

vanish after the set time. Confused? Read the detail.

The Snapchat pictures when shared on this app, it is sent to the recipient with a fixed time.

After that time, the picture gets deleted forever from the receiver’s mobile. The process in

this app is quite simple. Click a picture, add caption, select time, select recipient and then

send. After the set time, the picture will automatically get deleted.

Future of Snapchat:

With its amazing features and wide acceptance, the future of this app looks bright and

ever shining. Over that, this app is continuously bringing new and advanced technology

and features, thus bring the essence of refreshment for users. The app had a bright future

and had capability, which the founders realized, and so did its competitors. That was why

social networking giant ‘Facebook’ tried to acquire the application, and the reason made the

founders of this app turned down the offer of Facebook. Probably both the parties had clearly

understood that this app brought in something new for the users and will thus stay long in the


That is exactly what happened. With new updates and latest features incorporated in this

app, the users are happier than ever. Apart from all this, the founders and the company is not

afraid to try new things with the product, which is again working towards building the future

of this app.

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