Shalom -replay a sedgyfergo snapchat online

This was exactly the storyline building-up for a Los Angeles based start-up company

namedSnapChat, but with a shocking twist. As Facebook failed in attempt to gain popularity

with his Poke application, there next move was to acquire their competitor to build sustenance in

that genre.
Shalom -replay A Sedgyfergo Snapchat OnlineShalom -Replay A Sedgyfergo Snapchat Online

Facebook’s Effort:

In 2012, Facebook’s CEO flew to Spiegel’s hometown, to warn him that they’re launching app

named Poke, to give indication that they’ll be crushing SnapChat soon. After Poke experiment

was utter failure he got back to him and proposed him the offer to acquire SnapChat.

SnapChat: Controversies & Getting Hacked

But recently, Spiegel involved in a lot of controversies. From sending obscure email when he

was in his fraternity days which he later gave a public apology, to SnapChat being hacked and


Hackers have uncovered 4.5 usernames & phone numbers by exploiting security weakness

in the app’s API. For few days whole list of database information was available in website which was suspended later. But through this company has lost a lot of

reputation & public trust as they never kept security in the core while building the app which

lead to SnapChat leak.Hackers behind SnapChat leak have motive to raise public awareness

for app manufacturer like SnapChat, as people’s personal life is at stake, so even for a limited

resource start-up company like SnapChat should not ignore security or keep that later to-
accomplish list, they should always keep security as a primary objective. They also released

series of SnapChat videos to help people to exploit the weakness. These SnapChat hack video

portrays how internet world is so insecure and how our personal life can just be exposed to

whole world just by few DB queries.

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