sexy-Snapchat constantly upgrading on all sectors

Social media apps are one of the most used apps in smartphones all over the world. So, there are

many app developing companies that are trying to get the lion’s share of the market. And

presently this lion’s share is enjoyed by Snapchat because of the unique features tally and

constant up gradations in the sectors of the app as well.

The target audiences of this social media app are teenagers to a large extent, and they, more than

using it in right manner gets attracted towards the bad sides of the app. And in the case of

Snapchat this probability goes high rapidly, because of its unique disappearing nature of the

texts, pictures and other visual forms of messages that are being sent to the receiver. This makes

it difficult for the people to track your miss-use.


Features tally

Any app in the market today solely runs on the basis of its features tally, and Snapchat is no

exception in that case. People of all ages especially the younger mass have taken up this app very

gladly. Let’s look into some of its features tally of the app:

 All modern social media apps are enabled to transfer visual files like pictures, video

files, text messages and voice messages as well. And Snap chat also performs similar

function, but all these messages transferred vanish after the receiver has seen it for

stipulated time (maximum 10 seconds).

 Next we come to the discovery feature of the app, which is a very unique concept

inherited within the features tally of the app. This discovery section is podium where the

app connects with the mass, with a set of advertisements, films promotions and news as

well. This will ultimately help then users of the app to stay updated at work place as well.

Graphical up gradations

Since social media apps are targeting the younger lot, the graphical interface also has to be given

proper importance. The interface of the Snap chat has been one of the trendiest among all the

recent social media apps. Not only that, app also provides a chance to design your own graphics.

This facility is available for people of all ages; they will have to submit their artworks through

the app. Then the graphics designing team will select and then his/her graphics will be there on

the app. There are certain rules and regulations, which one will have to follow strictly to avoid

disqualification at a later stage.

To sum up

Social media is part of the new media concept; here people want presentable and smart facts with

the primary function of transferring photos, videos, and voice and text messages. And to be

smart in all sorts of way, the app development team needs to be looked into all the sectors of the

app very carefully and constantly upgrade the app according to the needs of the users.

Not only in the features tally, the app also has to be strengthened in its department of graphical

up gradations, which will indirectly help them to stay in the market in the near future as well.

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