sexy young b-Snapchat ads are here- how many ways can Snapchat get more ads?

Snapchat – inarguably the fastest growing Internet Company in recent times has surprised the

tech-world in a big way when Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel declared in July 2014 that from now

onwards, Snapchat is going to take every step to become an independent business conglomerate

and in order to achieve that- it’s planning to raise money by inviting advertisers. Many were

skeptical about – how the heck on earth Snapchat could be so confident as everything associated

with it is-‘ephemeral’.

Disappearing act- the apparently ‘weak’ point of Snapchat became its USP

Snapchat launched into market in 2011 and though it didn’t create much hoopla with its

disappearing photo-messaging app; slowly it picked up by the teenagers aged between 13-17

years mostly. Now three years down the line, the phenomenon of Snapchat even caught up with

the brands like Taco Bell, GE, McDonald’s to name a few. And it turned out that the ‘very’

temporality of Snapchat photos proved to be its strongest USP.



How Snapchat turns out to be the golden goose for the advertisers?

Despite the doubt and skepticism of naysayers, there are many strong points that go into the

favor of Snapchat as the ‘hot bed’ for marketers.

• The target audience

The target audience of Snapchat is the ‘most coveted one’ among all the other social

networking sites, as it captures the future consumers who right now fall under 25. To

grow more close to the youth market, so many reputed brands have chosen Snapchat for

their vehicle of advertisements rightfully.

• The ‘intimate’ experience

In other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, the ads never disappear.

They always come in the main page and whether you like it or not, they will remain

there. And as per logic, what stays in front of your eyes, gradually loses its sheen. On

the other hand, the ads of Snapchat will also disappear, so they have the high potential to

catch the attention of the user even for few seconds.

• Snapchat Discovery

Snapchat Discovery boasts of some great names like CNN, TIME, NatGeo, and Buzzfeed

for its content. Any company may feel privileged to place its ads in Snapchat Discovery

and rubbing shoulders with so many biggies.

What Snapchat should do right to get more ads?

Though everything seems ‘rosy’ right now, Snapchat has few glitches still. The ads need to jostle

for a short space and also a reputed brand appears next to an obscure one -which may see jarring

to the viewer. The ads in Facebook and Twitter intertwine with the main page so- whether they

like it or not, the user has to see them. But in ‘Snapchat Discovery’, where the ads will appear,

the users will not be ‘forced’ to see them. Though the intention looks good, the question remains-
will ‘out of sight, out of mind’ rule apply in this case?

Another spot that Snapchat may leverage is that- there are many Snapchat celebs like Shaun

McBride who have a considerable number of friends in Snapchat. To attain more ads, they can

be Snapchat’s mascot to brands.

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