Sexy snap;)-Facts about Geofilter feature

If I ask you what would be your reaction to see the snaps of your local people in the vast

social media app like Snapchat, the answer will be more or less same, and you may say that

to watch the snaps of the people of your local area is always sounds exciting. But when the

finger is pointed towards you the answer may change as well, as none of us like to show our

activities to our neighbors, hence you can put a full stop to your worries as the geo Filter

feature is not go by its name, in fact the feature is quite different.

What is Geofilter feature of Snapchat?

The developers of Snapchat revealed the fact about their new project, they said that they are

working on the Community based Geofilter feature and will be promoted in the Community

Geofilter site. You cannot send message to the people of your locality through it; it will just

showcase the tiny pictures at the topmost position of the messages-such as Vegas if you

are in that place. This update will be localized and you will too get Geofilters, but they are

exactly not same as they were supposed to be. These things are like stickers and will appear

depending upon your location.

What can the users do with the feature?

The users who are dreaming to make skins for the best buddies can now attempt so by

submitting the images to Snapchat and can make it complete with desired geographical

location. Designers and artists are inspired to utilize this tool to bring unique style to their

snap chat community. But you must remember that you will not get anything in return of

your employed effort, time and creativity. You can submit PNG files, Illustrator files and

Photoshoped files. But those images are needed to be unique and will be added to the image

assets after it is approved by the developers.

Mandatory feature of using the feature-
It’s an amazing way to share your whereabouts with your friends and dear ones, to use the

service the location service of your device must be turned on, otherwise this feature cannot

work, for better understanding you can contact with the user support team of the app.

How to turn on the feature?

• Go to the setting potion

• Next go to the additional service option

• Then click on the manage button

• Turn on the filter feature by swapping the switch

To add Geofilter in your image you need to swipe right over the images to see the screen to

check out which location is nearer from your location. After you select the specific location it

will overlay over the snap. The feature is really easy to access and the shortest way to notify

your friends about your location details. Though at this moment this facility is available only

for some specific location such as Los Angeles and New York but it is hoped soon it will

expand its span.

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