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When I started to pen my article on Snapchat I got a little quizzical about the heading, after a detailed study I came up with snap-on, snap- gone and I believe nothing could do more justice to this fun messaging application which entered the online media sharing arena in 2011.
Brain child of a group of students from Stanford University- Snapchat, basically provides us with a platform for sharing moments with friends, in form of photos and videos. The most interesting feature about Snapchat is that you get to choose the amount of time for which your photos can be viewed by your friends (anything in between 1 to 10 sec).

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Choosing Snapchat

To be very true, initially I was wondering why would, anyone want to share pictures on a platform where everything is so perishable but later came to conclude that this is one of the major reasons why Snapchat is so popular among youth. The idea is that when nothing is permanent why not making our photo, video sharing with friends equally dynamic (one minute on next minute gone).

Snapchat allows you to formulate a story or to add captions to your pictures giving you an opportunity to share the current happenings with your friends. The pictures posted are self destructive within your chosen time, so nothing remains forever, making the posts effortless to a great extent. The application is user friendly, simple and fast.
The best aspect about Snapchat, which is worth mentioning is that for kids under the age of 13 years, it has started with a kids version namely SNAPKIDZ, so that kids are protected from the harm caused by too much exposure to social media.

Popularity And Growth

When a new concept is floored in market, physical or online, it is closely scrutinized and if found worthy the whole market flocks towards it .This is what happened with Snapchat. It had been big news that Facebook (the big social networking giant) had offered a staggering $3 billion for Snapchat (though the offer was declined). Data’s even suggest that users had been sending as many as 700 million photos a day on Snapchat.
Now the idea behind these figures is to put forward the point that in a short span of time this application has developed a strong foothold among teens and fast spreading to other age groups too.
I would fully credit this success of Snapchat to its ability to cater to current trends, its spontaneity and at the same time its constant quest to offer something new to active users around the world (new features, social awareness).


Snapchat has proved to be a very dynamic application, moving on with new innovations every now and then, to meet the growing needs of its users. Whether it be covering live events or letting you shoot videos while playing music on phone, it has been ever evolving.
It has successfully created stories of social awareness and world crisis thus playing a part in spreading useful information.


To conclude I would say that this application which lets you chat through videos and photos with friends, is a user friendly and innovative application with a short memory but not easily forgettable.

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