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It has not even been half a decade that Snapchat has been around but the impact it has had on

the instant messaging industry is huge to say the least. What stated off as a class projects by

two then Stanford undergrads became a multi-billion dollar company in just over 3 years. Let

us take a walk down the memory lane, shall we?

At the beginning:

It all started when Spiegel, who was a product design major needed to come up with a class

project. With the help of Reggie Brown they came up with the concept of an messaging

service that would let senders decide for as to how long they want the messages to be seen by

the recipients. The messages were going to be impermanent. They brought in another Bobby

Murphy to help them code the application. Snapchat first launched in July, 2011. This would

mark the beginning of a revolutionary new company that would eventually change the very

way we look at instant messaging services.

What is Snapchat?

It is a very aesthetically designed application that lets you send images along with a short text

embedded in it. Later in 2014, it included the option to also send videos instead of just


To use it, the user needs to click a picture or take a video and then enter a line of text, if they

want to, and then send it to whoever is at the other end and voila!
Sexy Lovely -need Snapchat FriendsSexy Lovely -need Snapchat Friends

Buy em’ out? Not so fast!

The beauty of Snapchat lies in its simplicity of use and its aesthetically designed user

interface. Perhaps this is one of the reasons behind its immense success. Speaking of success,

Snapchat became so popular that IT giants like Facebook and Google tried buy it out

offering three and four billion dollars, respectively. To their surprise, Spiegel declined the

offer. He later said that very few people in the world were lucky enough to build a company

like this. He did not wish to let it go that easily. Eventually Facebook came up with a similar

application called ‘Slingshot’ to rival Snapchat directly. The basic concept of the application

was same as that of Snapchat. It does not take a rocket scientist to realise that it did not do

well with its target audience as Snapchat had already won their way into the phones, tablets

and hearts of users.

It’s big, very big:

When Snapchat started out in 2011, around 25 images were being sent and received every

second. By 2014, that number rose to 700 million per day. Snapchat was growing fast, very

fast. However, with this fame, came a minor hiccup along the way. In December 2013, thanks

to an Australian security company by the name of Gibson Security, Snapchat was hacked by

an anonymous group and usernames and phone numbers were revealed. Snapchat quickly

had the situation under control and fixed the issue.

Snapchat is here to stay and grow, and grow it will with its 200 million plus user base. SO,

are you a part of that number yet?

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