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Snapchat allows the users to contribute both videos and photos for an event. The novices who are new on this app, may find it little difficult to understand the functionality of this Snapchat Story feature. It is a fun way to share your experience with your Snapchat friends, the images and the Snapchat stories together can nicely narrate your personal account. Like the shared messages of Snap chat the stories also disappear after a day creating space for the new one, hence like Facebook you will never get back the old stories again at your news feed.

For the ease of the users I have illustrated the methods step by step so that the users may avoid confusions.
1. If you have captured an image or video of any event using the camera of the Snapchat then you can simply contribute those captured moments to Snapchat Story by tapping on the arrow sign that is located at the right side of the bottom.
2. After that you will be directed towards the “Send To” page, here you can find the listed events.
3. Next you just need to specify the event and tap the ‘arrow’ sign that comes at the bottom. Through these easy steps you can include your photos or videos to your own Story.
4. At present Snapchat is featuring separate stories, you are free to post individually in own story, live story or in both live or own stories at once. Previously when the users uploaded an image to their own stories, Snapchat automatically detected the location and if the users were really in the same place as where the live story was galling place the team used to add to the image to the live feed automatically.

Things to remember

5. But prior to this never forget to turn on the location service of your mobile and remember you will be allowed to post a story only if Snapchat find that your location is within the geo fence of the area where the event is going on. That means the GPS service of your smart phone must be turned on at that time, by activating the Snapchat filters you can also do that.
6. Each live event possess specific filter that is available for limited location and period. Ensure to utilize the limited filter in your taken snap in order to help Snapchat team to trace it down effortlessly.
7. As we have already discussed you can send the story to @teamsnapchat as well.

Fun way to promote an event

The team highlights different cities as well as events via videos and photos that showcase that place and those captured stills or videos are featured through Stories. This can be considered as a great way to attract the tourist or visitors towards a place or events. As the marketers never leave a leaf unturned, it is not a surprising fact that nowadays the organizers are even using this app for promoting their upcoming or ongoing events.

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