Sexy blonde Snapchat effaces the distance when it secures your privacy with certainty

Life has changed lot ever since technology has made its entry in our daily day life and schedule.

One of the brightest sides of technology is social networking sites and other messenger on

android phones. These days, it does not matter where do we live and how far we live from our

family. We always can keep in touch with our loved ones by the help of those social networking

sites and messaging applications.

Distance has been effaced:

Even until a decade ago we only could hear our loved ones voice over phone and could know

about their state on emails, but know we can see and take part in their activity no matter where

we are. One of such applications is snap chat. Snapchat is an android phone based application

which helps people to come close to each other. Distance should not come in between two

people and in their relationship. The team behind the app snap chat understands it very well and

that is the reason they have developed such a wonderful application for all.

The basic feature of the app:

Snapchat is basically an application meant for clicking photos and sharing them with friends. It

is called photo messaging application for android phones. It is supported by many other

operating systems as well. The app has made it to high by being a safe and easy to use by all.

The best part of the app is that it is way too easy to use and handle. Like other apps and online

sites, it has no complex system which is illegible for some users. The nature of the app is

comprised with ephemeral nature. When pictures are shared on the app or videos, you can stay

assured that they will be erased after a certain time leaving no trace of worry in your mind.

Let us make sure what are those things you can share on this one app? And how amazing it is to

use it?

1. You can share photos and it has been told prior to this.

2. Here you can share some amazing videos as well.

3. You can add some text messages along with the pictures and videos.

4. You can edit then photos and videos to make them interesting and attractive.

5. You can share money or transfer money through this application.

6. You can learn about what is latest in news and see the images of those stories around the


Why the app is called ephemeral?

Now come to the point regarding why this application is called ephemeral photo messaging

application. When you share something, and this ‘something’ can range from a photo of yourself

to a group photo to video or it can be a drawing, when they are about to be shared, the app will

ask you to set a particular time for their being erased from the screen of the recipient and from

the server. Once it is done, the stuffs on your pho\ne, you want to share, will be shared. But as

you have set a time, they will be deleted after that specific time limit and you will be secured

with your privacy.

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