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Is SNAPCHAT a good tool for studios?

While we, the mango people have a gala time around with the social networking and

websites, the businessmen are just scratching their heads looking for ways and opportunities

for spreading the viral of their business’ advertisement.

Does it really help?

Social networking in general does help the genre of business people, but there still has been a

sceptical thought about the advertising through snapchat. Undoubtedly, something at the best

snapchat can provide is the advertisement for firms that could be made digitally expressive

and impressive, like a studio’ promotion.

Snapchat is one of its kinds of an application. Snapchat was introduced with a special feature

which is that the photos or videos can be viewed only once for a very limited and user

specified amount of time. That same feature is the foremost drawback of advertising on

snapchat. It doesn’t make much sense to the businessmen to give a view of their business to

people which could be reviewed barely for a couple of seconds.

While on the other hand, the advertisers seek an easier approach to a wider array of people.

Other social networking sites allow users to decide whether they further wish to engage with

the advertising content or not. Also the users have an ability to like, comment or share the

content which could be portrayed digitally or through links.

Advertisement viewing on snapchat

Viewing an advertising content on snapchat is like ‘look at it and forget it’. Of course! If you

are in another world while sitting at your studio’ desk, come back. Snapchat is a joyous social

networking. There is no way your content is going to be remembered because people look at

things and forget them once the application is shut.

The other vital disadvantage for the studios to advertise on snapchat is the genre of snapchat

users. It is found that 71% of snapchat users are young and teens under the age of 25 years

and 70% are women, both of which are the most vulnerable people to get frustrated and

turned off. This category of people tends to show the least interest and limited tolerance

towards business and unwanted material.

Moreover the snapchat audience which includes mostly the school and college going people

are opinionated but they don’t even give an eye to what pops up on their feeds.

Advertisements on snapchat appear suddenly. Though it is purely the user’s choice to view or

not but it does keep poking the screen until it stays there for its specified time, which gets

irritating for people.

One thing that needs a clear understanding is that the content cannot be forced down to

people’ brains, they are to be always given an option to whether the content that is posted

matches their wish and to take a look at it or simply ignore it.

Therefore, it might be easy but crucial for the studios to start adding friends and advertising

themselves as a brand, keeping in mind that whatever they post doesn’t frustrate the young

crowd but gets them along.

Considering the snapchat’ commercialising plans, there is a positive belief that it will become

a better channel for social networking and advertising yet it is left on time to decide with

fingers crossed.

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