sexy-Rumors are making the round concerning the dealing

Rumors are doing their round around the world that snapchat is going to finalize on a deal worth

for $19 billion. On hearing this, many would wonder that how could it be possible for an app to

make it such a height within such a few years of its arrival. Believe it or not, at the first time

even the developers were short of their words and they dropped open their jaws. Nothing has got

the approval from the side of the owner of the company; it is just an assumption of all. But it is

believed by all as well that the news is true as Evan is being seen with the dealers quite often

than usual. He is sitting for many several meetings around the city of Los Angeles.

More features will be included soon:

Recent leaked news is stating that the app is going to be soon improved with much developed

technology and other features. It is in the news that the members of the app are trying to include

some developed features and they are saying that it is a golden opportunity for them to work with

the app company. In the recent past, there was news stating that there are cases of leakage of

photos due to the app snapchat. And they are trying to fix this problem as soon as possible.

That is the reason they have taken a step towards the advancement for the app. it is considered to

be a constant endeavor for them to try to make some brilliant and noteworthy improvements.

We are no one to make any comment on this but we are a group of eager audiences who want to

make the best of the app. now what we can only do is to is and wait what it is going to be like.


The path of success is open for the app:

After this we can come to the conclusion that the app is really worthy of the $19 billion. Critics

have tried to create a burden in the path of the success of the deal but it is the game of the fate

that the audience and the popularity of the app finally make it worthy of the deal of such high

revenue. The users are very happy with the news. Some of the die hearted fans of the app are

commenting on various social networking sites that they are going to celebrate the success of

the app. Even Evan is looking so happy these days. The reason is way too obvious for the guess

of the users and the other audiences.


The developers of the app are still somewhat mum in the matter. But guessing the body language

and the attitude of the owner and the developers are sending the vibes towards the world there is

something very genuine in the news. The app is a platform for showing your creativity along

with being kept in touch with the friends and the family. So it is definitely worth of the revenue

of such high a price.

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