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Snapchat is thriving today. The young users are in frenzy. The company which started just

couple of years ago in 2011 is ravishing in huge popularity of teens and young adults alike.

It is remarkable that in such a short span, the communication and sharing app has reached

soaring heights. It is estimated that around 400 million photos and videos are shared through

Snapchat servers every day. Lot of opportunities open up once a company reaches such

soaring success.

Huge Potential

The company which was started by Stanford University students in 2011 now have a hoard

of investors looking at them and their company. Every investor in USA today is keen to

invest in the Snapchat business. Recently Snapchat raised $ 800 million though funding

alone. More so it refused a lucrative offer from Facebook for a takeover at $3 Billion. The

app makes clearly understand that their app is much more than the sum offered by Facebook.

They believe that their app can grow significantly in the future with unlimited





The Focus

There is a saying that success meets success. Once you start minting money, more money

follows you. That has been the story of Snapchat. The app makers promised a very simple,

easy to use application for the users. The app is available free for android, iOs and iPhone

users. The users mainly comprises of young adults and teens. The exciting feature of

vanishing photos within a time has given the app huge success. Today, the app has millions

of users. More and more data are shared through the app’s servers every day. If the app

makers can keep their focus and maintain their promise of providing a safe and secure

platform to communicate, the company can reach at the level of Facebook.

Gung Ho

Snapchat has the potential to become the next big thing in the app market. It has the

promise to touch $10 Billion valuation. The app reached soaring success through word of

mouth publicity. New users flocked to install this funky app on their device. These days

everyone owns a smart phone. Hence, the potential for new customers is huge for the app.

Such popularity has not gone unnoticed among the investors. Venture capital firm KPCB or

more popularly known as Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers has agreed to put a stake in the

Incorporation. Incidentally KPCB has some stakes in companies like Facebook and Twitter.

Reaching a valuation of $10 Billion is not a matter of joke. Very few companies reach such

heights and that too in such a short time. The users of Snapchat has doubled in the past year

and if the growth trajectory is to be followed, we could see Snapchat installed in very device


The valuation of Snapchat is very high. It can only stand to benefit from such success and

popularity. If the founders of Snapchat can fix the hack and build a strong server system

which deters any hacking, it will give the users more freedom to share through the app. The

company has enough funds through funding and launching of ads campaign though Snapchat

Discover. Snapchat has entered a spiral of success and at the moment everything it touches

turns into gold.

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