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peek in not so good aspects of snapchat:

1. Snapchat claims that the photos and videos get vanished in the given period of time but it has been observed that this din’t happen quite a number of times.
2. This application is supposed to have a feature where if someone saves your picture by clicking a screenshot there will be an immediate intimation but this also fails if phone is on ios7 platform (you will get no alert).
3. Here even if you delete the application still your account stays.
4. SNAPCHAT has access to the information in your mobile device which includes your contacts which can get used without your notice.
5. It does not verify subscriber’s telephone numbers when they log in and thus can lead to unwelcoming activities (using someone else’s number).

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Snap Concluding

Thus we can say Snapchat has really made messaging fun and connecting live a possibility but at the same time has some serious privacy breaches inherent in it. But as is said every coin has two sides- good and bad.


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