Sexting goes Viral with use of Snapchat Globally by pssshhhttt

There are many mobile apps or application in launch daily. There are also updates of previous

launch too, arrives for its user globally. However, the use of snapchat app is very different,

when comes to youngsters. This has become a headache to school and colleges too. This is

more of serious concern with the young children’s parents. There are many sexting news come

across with various controversies with the use of snapchat app. However, there are only few

ways to curb them and the laws relate to MMS must be strict for sexting use in social media.

Social Media and Sexting in Recent News

In the modern world, 90% of the population is one in among social media sites. This is due to

the use of smart phone, which allow access to internet from any corner of the world. The same

smart phone is used to take photos and videos knowingly or secretly about others privacy. Such

photos and videos are popular in social Medias. However, the snapchat is much quicker than

MMS that it spread like a viral instantly. There are many such incidents reported in the

developed countries than in underdeveloped countries. However, the use of snapchat in

underdeveloped countries is now becoming popular amount sexting use in the case of secret

videos and photos.

Youngsters and Sexting use of Snapchat App

The youngsters of school and college going are in the frontline use of sexting MMS. A photo of a

college boy and girl sitting together also go viral as lovers. This is a wrongdoing by their, own

friend or college colleagues. These are not at all right way to tease any one, who may be a

college student or friends too. This is now common when couples or friends meeting at public

parks and entertainment centers. Many people take photos and videos secretly and use

snapchat app as a medium for sexting.

How to Curb Sexting

It is advisable that all parents who has school and college going children’s not to use a smart

phone. This is the only way to curb sexting and social media usage. Since a smart phone

provides them, a total privacy and a snapchat may be a sexting use or just as funny message.

However, the message received by a person may be of funny, but the people in those photos

are of serious concern. This may even lead to crime in future, to take revenge against those

users who popularized their private photos taken secretly. There is more number of such

sexting crimes in the developed countries among the youngsters. It is advisable to use snapchat

for a good purpose only to laugh or to get some exciting photos and videos. The way people use

for sexting is not advisable and there are laws to put behind them in bars. However, a bikini

photo may not be a sexting photo to a developed country, since they see it as a swimming

dress. Nevertheless, it is a sexting photo for a developing county, which may consider them as

sexy photos and not a swimming suit.

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