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Snapchat Live Events- Is it first user-generated mass media movement in online?

If nothing else, one can always thank Snapchat for its cool features that the social networking

app adds to its portfolio time to time. The ‘Our Story’ feature that the young tech-start up

launched in the month of June in 2014; it seems that there is no stopping for the photo-messaging

app to go ahead with its ambitious plan- to become an independent business conglomerate.

In the past, the CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel has repeatedly told in media interviews that the

app, from now on, will actively pursue advertisers to raise funds. So brazen is the company with

its ambitions that it even denied the proposal of Facebook in the past and faced brickbats from

tech pundits. But right now, those who had faith on the uniqueness of Snapchat, have started

predicting that, with ‘Our Story’, Snapchat is fully prepared to take on the challenges of the

critics, who raised the question that this young start-up doesn’t deserve the valuation of $10

billion; as it has no noteworthy revenue to justify the hoopla around it.

Our Story gives users the thrill of Live Events

This location-based service allows the users to post videos in the ‘Our Story’ section of Snapchat

while they are attending a live event. In Past, the social networking platform has witnessed that

via Twitter, many film pundits give live tweet reviews of the movies they are watching first day

first show. This trend in Twitter saves hard-earned cash for many movie-goers who get to know

the duds beforehand and generally avoid them like plague. With the ‘Our Story’ attribute of

Snapchat, each user can have the opportunity of becoming a self-appointed commentator of the

live event he/ she is attending, and also creating a chance for the viewers to feel that, as if they

are also present in the arena.

But before you jump the gun to take videos of random events and post them in Snapchat, do keep

it in mind that Snapchat has appointed a small team who inspect every ‘story’ critically on the

basis of its content, and then allow it to get published.

What are some of significant events that ‘Our Story’ has published so far?

Initially Snapchat had given the access of ‘Our Story’ to its young demographic of users who

were attending a series of musical events like- Lollapalooza, Electric Daisy Carnival and so on.

Once it became an instant hit with the main group of teenage-users of Snapchat, only then the

internet company has officially launched the attribute in June. Apart from musical events, ‘Our

Story’ has become the platform for users to show footage of New York Marathon, Melbourne

Cup in Australia, a hot air balloon festival in New Mexico to name a few. But according to Evan

Spiegel; the college football games are main the attractions for any viewer to hook up to ‘Our

Story’ to get the live events.

Apart from users, Our Story is also slowly catching the fancy of advertisers also. Now it’s to see

that whether this feature will also become the cash-cow of the app.

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