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Data Protection: People often say that this app is not at all secure to share your data over here,

but let me tell you straight that they are wrong. This app, like any other social networking app, is meant to share data and information, and is secure. The security level is same in this app, as it is in any other social network app.
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No sharing of Data with third party: People often wonder that the app shares data, snaps and

other information with third party. The fact is that the app is designed not to share any detail with

any third party until and unless the user agrees to share it. Therefore there is no loophole in the

data protection and no information is passed to third party without user’s consent.

No scope for Misuse of data and information: There are numerous remarks that this app leaks

shared information and the proof of such leakage is often referred to the SnapChat Leaked.

If you also think that this is how this app leaks the shared data, then you are wrong as well.

SnapChat Leaked is basically a platform where people share their snaps by themselves or post

any picture they like to share on internet. It is not posted by this app, and neither has leaked

information from this app.

Apart from this there are many additive features that this app offers to its users. They are as


• No memory Space used

• Opens straight in Camera

• Single Button for Snap and Video

Snapchat earned a huge name in the application world, within a very short span of time, and

that too, with just its extraordinary concept and features. However, there is a saying that with

success, one gets criticism and jealousy. The same happened with this app. There were numerous

attempts from various technical giants but at the end of the day, when the app topped the charts,

lobbying started playing its card.

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