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The application sends snaps i.e. photos, videos and contents from sender to receiver’s mobile.

The recipient can see the snaps for a while up to 10 sec. defined by sender. But there is also

another mechanism to save the snaps forever by receiver. This application is well known as


There are different procedures to utilize the advanced features of this application as follows,-

 Edit/Alter Photos on Snapchat:

Photographs snapped with this application are somewhat grainy, and there used to be no in-

application photograph channels to help enhance the photos’ quality. Yet, you can empower

filters from Snapchat application to enhance your photos’ quality somewhat.

1. Empower Smart Filters & Visual Filters :

Just go to Settings- > Manage and tick on Smart Filters and Visual Filters.

With Smart Filters empowered, when you bring a photo with Snapchat, you can include either

time, temperature, or speed into your photo.

You can likewise attempt the Visual Filters, which accompany a dark & white filter and a

vintage style channel.

2. Utilize Large Font Size:

To utilize the huge text dimension for your photograph inscriptions, simply empower special text

in Settings- > Manage. When you have it empowered, tap on the “T” button at the upper right

corner of the screen subsequent to entering a photograph subtitle and you’ll see the large text

dimension connected on the content.
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 Same Snap Again With Replay :

It’s a surely understood actuality that Snapchat just permits you to view a Snap once, before it

gets erased from your phone. Be that as it may, there’s currently another component that permits

you to re-see a latest Snapchat in your stream, once every day. This component is called Replay

and can be enacted in Settings- > Manage.

 Change the Number of your closest Friends :

On Snapchat, the individuals you message the most much of the time are naturally added to

your list of Best Friends. What’s more, of course, the quantity of companions on your Best

Friends list is 3, yet you transform it to 5 or 7. To do that, simply go to Settings- > Manage, tap

on # of Best Friends, and select either3, 5, or 7.

This is a helpful element on the off chance that you need to rapidly send Snaps to your closest

companions without needing to scan for them.

 How to Download Snaps into Your Device:

You would need to install Xposed Frameworks with the goal that you can utilize Xposed

modules, for example, KeepChat to naturally spare got snaps, stories and sent snaps. The

designers of KeepChat additionally guarantee that your companions won’t get any report of you

taking screenshots of their Snaps.

The KeepChat designers continually overhaul the module to guarantee its similarity with

Snapchat’s most recent authority upgrades.

 Join/Unlink Username With Mobile Number :

You may have known about the later Snapchat’s information break that brought about 4.6 million

usernames and phone numbers being spilled from their server. So in case you’re occupied with

quitting having your username connected to your mobile number, just go to Settings, tap on

Mobile number and uncheck “Link username to mobile number”.

Observe that unlinking your mobile number from your username doesn’t really remove your

mobile number. Starting now, you would at present need to have one number connected to your

Snapchat account on the off chance that you had chosen to put one beforehand. Despite the fact

that you can’t remove it, you can replace it with an alternate phone number.

 Erase Snapchat Account :

On the off chance that unlinking your username from your mobile number doesn’t facilitate your

stresses over your information security, you might likewise erase your Snapchat account and

make another one (with an alternate username, obviously).

To erase your account, first log in the account and you’ll see that your username has been filled

in the box, so you just need to enter your password and tap on Delete My Account to do only


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