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Introduction of Mobile Applications

At first the world of social networking was limited to websites like Facebook, Twitter and

MySpace. These websites have real features in which one can easily create groups like my

friends and share a lot of data through texts. In the groups such as my friends other members

can also reply and respond to the posts. These are the true spirit of social networking. But in

recent years there have been application for android and apple markets which does the same

thing as facebook and twitter. SnapChat is a great application for photo sharing. The user

can easily click picture of interesting things in their life and share them with their friends.

The pictures in the application server are called Snaps.

Hacking Attack
Send Gf Leaked Photos Snapchats OnlineSend Gf Leaked Photos Snapchats Online

SnapChat is a very addictive application and it is total fun for people of all age groups.

It helps the user to keep in touch with friends through sending picture messages. The user

can send exam notes, sunset picture etc. And hence the application is mainly made to share

the small events via pictures. But it is very important to stay safe in the world of social

networking world.

Some steps that everybody should use-

• Appropriate Photos should be taken – it should be always kept in mind that the

user can take screenshots of the pictures taken by them. So very private and personal

pictures should not be sent. And choice of the picture to be sent is a very important


• Privacy Settings should be changed accordingly- there are various setting along

with the features in the application. User should change the settings of the application

accordingly so that the pictures shared by them are only seen by the people who are

known to you are trustable.

• Adding selected friends- at last the main vulnerable side is the human factor. The

users should only add those friends in the application who are trustworthy and are

known to the user.

These steps should be taken care of to avoid snapchat leaked photos.

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