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We all know that Snapchat is one of the most popular photo messaging applications in the

world. Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown all together developed this

application for the users to take photos, record videos, texting, and drawing and to send them

to the specific list of recipients selected by the users. These files which are sent by the users

are commonly known as the “Snaps”. A time period can be set with these snaps by the users

so that after that certain period of time these snaps disappear from the recipient’s device as

well as from the Snapchat servers.

How it all started

Snapchat was started by Spiegel and Brown as a project in Stanford University under the

name “Picaboo”. Later Murphy joined the team and finally in July 2011 Snapchat launched

under the name Picaboo which later re launched and renamed under the name Snapchat. At

starting Snapchat was launched only for the platform of iOS operating system, later on

November 2012 the same application lunched in android application also to increase its

popularity. In June 2013 a brand new application “Snapkidz” was launched as a part of the

original application. This app was fully dedicated to the kids under the age of 13 years. This

application was developed to take the photos and to draw on them by the kid users. But the

developers put some restrictions on these snaps which cannot be sent to another device by the

user. The snaps can only be saved on the particular device being used.

send gallery photos pics pictures screenshots on snapchat
send gallery photos pics pictures screenshots on snapchat

The feature packed exciting app

Snapchat, the world famous application is full of exciting features specially designed for the

modern users. During the viewing period the recipient can take the screenshot of the snaps.

Snapchat launched the “Snapchat Stories” feature allowing the user to create the links of

shared contents to view for an unlimited number of times over 24 hours time span. “Here” is

another feature which informs the user about the available friends engaged for the video chat.

In 2014 “SnapCash” feature launched to transfer funds securely to the friends of the user via

this app and the app will also send a message to the recipient. It also introduced “Discover”

feature to consume text and video items from editorial teams and also updated “Best Friend”

feature with attractive emoji icons.

The effect of sharing of illicit content

Concerns have been raised about the sending of nude or sexually explicit images. As per the

result of a survey many Snapchat users are under the age of eighteen, a question over the

technical facilitation of child pornography distribution has been raised. Although according to

a study of market research firm Survala, mobile phone users are more likely to be used MMS

rather than Snapchat for sexting. According to the Experts the use of internet is exposing

young children to nudity and pornographic images at an early age than the past.

Earlier in 2014 Snapchat ran into some legal issues with Federal Trade Commission

regarding the privacy policy. In the middle of 2014 Snapchat had accepted charges from the

FTC of the company misleading users on the level of privacy offered and collecting user

information in a way that violated the privacy policies. Users could take the photos,

download the third party applications and could even save the videos by connecting their

device to the computer.

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