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Snapcaht the photo and video sending app has taken over the world by surprise. It sends the

videos and photos within a fraction of second. It also gives a chance of giving your own snaps

your own personalize captions. The clipart features also enables you to send animated sticker

images to your friends. This clipart gallery has a collection of stickers that can depict almost

every human emotion ever imagined or felt off. The Snapchat app also has a photo editor feature

that enables you to edit your snaps according to your own whims and fancies. It helps you get rid

of the extra and unwanted surrounding to make your picture look like picture perfect.

How to download and install snapchat?

Downloading Snapchat is as easy as it can be. All you need is an android installed phone. When

you begin downloading Snapchat be sure that you have an android phone and a proper internet

connection. Make sure that you download Snapchat through proper and registered sites only.

You can easily download Snapchat from the Apple Play Store, the iTunes Store or the most

famous Google Play Store. Once the download procedure is complete the application will give

you the install option. Click on the “INSTALL” button to let Snapchat get installed to your

phone. After a few seconds or minutes Snapchat will automatically get installed in you device.

How to create a registered snapchat account?
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Once you finish installing the application, the next step is to create a valid and registered

Snapchat account for yourself. After installing the app open it. When you open the application

for the first time in you device they will give you an option to create your account. Click on the

“Create My Account” button. When you click on it they will ask you to give them your valid

email id, your birthday, your contact number and lastly a password of your account which only

you should have access of. Then they will once you to confirm it. After confirming the password

your account will be created. Now the last step in creating an account will be to select a

username for you. Snapchat will give you options from which you can select any single

username for yourself.

How to add friends in snapchat?

After having created an account for yourself you need some friends with whom you can enjoy

this application. There are two ways in which you can add friends to your Snapchat account.

First is by adding them directly from your contact list. For this you have to let Snapchat scan

your contact list. When you open the application swipe it once then you will find the “Find

Friends” page. Click on that button. When you click it, it will give you an option whether you

want Snapchat to scan your contact list. It will also give a brief description about its policy make

sure you read it carefully before clicking in “OKAY”. Snapchat will scan your contacts and will

give you a list of all those who are actually on snapchat. There will be a “+” sign besides every

contact. Click on only those signs that you want to make friends with. A purple mark will appear

showing that you are now friends with that person. But make sure that your friend also has a

Snapchat connection before actually adding them as your friends.

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