see you in space-Snapchat proposing ad runs with a difference

While there was no news as to how an app like snapchat expected to remain profitable without

accepting sponsors and agreeing to run ads on its chat room as any normal social app like

Facebook or WhatsApp have been doing as soon as they launched in the market, it seems like it

has reviewed its decision and decided to give ad runs a chance. However, it has been generally

observed that while people might love to chat for hours at a stretch using the social network, the

urge to do is diminishing by the day due to the pre-rolls of ads that are almost forced upon the

users often in the middle of conversations. This distracts them and if constantly made to watch in

intervals, frustrates them enough to leave the chat rooms. Snap chat has very cleverly come up

with a whole new idea for introducing ads without really making it unbearable for its users.

Separate section for ads

Instead of making it mandatory for its users to go through an ad every time it pops up on their

chat screens in order to continue their conversation with friends, snapchat has decided to not let

its advertisements become bothersome for the users. Instead, the advertisements will be featured

as updates or notification in a separate section of the app altogether. While the users will easily

be able to view the ads if they wished to, it will not be a compulsion for all. This is due to the

fact that creators understand that time is of an essence to its users and so is patience. If an

advertisement pre-roll is made part of all the conversations taking place in the chat room, it can

stir up common disinterest among the users, who may then gravitate towards other options,

which is easily available nowadays within the social network.

see you in space

see you in space


The first attempt

As a test ride, snap chat went forward and released its first ever advertisement in the form of a

recent update within the app a couple of weekends back. It was a short trailer of the upcoming

horror film “Ouija”. In spite taking a risk and giving the users a choice of either watching the

trailer or not, the spokesperson for the Universal Studios, with whom the app had collaborated in

order to introduce its very first advertisement, has reported that the company was pretty satisfied

with the response that the trailer received by the users of the app. Millions of U.S. users viewed

the ad and the reaction that the company was looking for was achieved – that is, scaring them.

No trickery

While the initial reception of the “no trickery” policy, when it comes to ad-viewing, was a

success for snapchat, as to how long it will be able to maintain this policy is still to be seen. For

now, the creators have stated their opinion and gone on record to say they when it comes to the

social network, they intend to stand out from the rest of its competitors, and their refusal carry

on the tradition of ad pre-rolls is just the beginning.

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