see my mouth give a score

To share the selfie with friends

Most of the selfies are funny and hilarious. There are many which are distorted and that is the

fun of selfie. Selifies are many times in group. The effect of the face that comes in selfie is the

real essence of selfie. From film stars to politicians the selfies are the hit thing. Many people love

to share these funny faces with friends. One can use SnapChat to share the innumerable number

of selfies you take in a moment. The special feature of SnapChat is that it makes the sharing very

fast. It is unlike all the photo sharing apps as the app allows you to set a time for your snap. You

send the snap to your friend and within 10 seconds it will be shredded. The time limit is within

1-10 seconds. After the stipulated time the snap will simply disappear from tour friend’s mobile

with whim you have shred the snap with the help of SnapChat. So you can be sure that the

picture you have shared does not have further sharing from your friend.
See My Mouth Give A ScoreSee My Mouth Give A Score

The sharing with all

SnapChat Leaked gives you the platform to share your selfie with the whole world. Anyone

who accesses the website will be able to see that funny pictures of yours. Even if it is deleted

from SnapChat it will remain in SnapChat Leaked. There are different sections in the website.

Your snap might be naughty or funny or hot, there are different sections for all.

The permanency of the snap is the feature of the website. May be when you get old you will see

this funny selfie of yours you will cherish the moments with your grandchildren. They will be

able to see the funny you. You will feel good and will know how an old picture can make people

happy. Thus be a little more innovative and try out the app and the website both to pamper your

craze of selfie.

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