search for friends screenshot in snapchat on iphone or droid-Snapchat, a boon and a curse.

Snapchat is a new born app in the world of social networking. Adding captions, drawings,

emoji’s, video calling, etc. are the features which it adds to its credits. The main concept

behind the Snapchat app is sending messages in the form of photo and video and sometimes

even blending the images with the text unlike the old tradition of sending notes or messages.

Easy to access and maintaining the privacies are the features that have helped the Snapchat

app to gain its popularity among the people of all the age groups. It is being extensively used

by the teenagers, who find it really entertaining.

Highlights of the Snapchat app: the most important and best feature of the Snapchat app is

that it is absolutely for free. So whoever is downloading and installing this Snapchat app gets

to connect with their loved ones without paying any charge. When you open the app to use it,

the camera gets activated at an instant and with just a single tap, you are snapping able to

click pictures and record a video as well. You do not even have to struggle through the menus

and waste your time to take a video – simply hold the record button and you are all set to

record whatever you wish to. It has less maintenance unlike any other social networking site

where content is more permanent and quite public. It has a simple way to share simple things

and receive them as well. It is like accepting a new wavelength altogether. The app helps you

to advertise about your company and products while at the same time it helps you to maintain

the privacy and copyright of the advertisement. Now you do not have to remain glued to the

traditional mode of advertisement like radio and all. The immediate and faster way of

communication helps the app to win brownie points as well. It opens a world of creativity for

you. Many times the clicked pictures do not serve the actual purpose. So to make it more

presentable and interesting you can add caption and draw the required according to your wish

and needs. When you are advertising through Snapchat you get to connect to the audience so

that you are more open towards enhancing your product or company.

search for friends screenshot in snapchat on iphone or droid
search for friends screenshot in snapchat on iphone or droid

Drawbacks: the server problem with the Snapchat app. The delay of sending and receiving

the messages through the Snapchat app is accelerating day by day. As a result there gets a lot

more hang ups. Though it is good that Snapchat holds privacy by not letting the messages to

get saved, but at times these are big drawbacks. There are various messages which are

important and needs to be stored but Snapchat fails to provide such options. Besides the

entire most important drawback is its effect on the teenagers. The teenagers are using the app

randomly for those purpose which is not at all good for their age and thought process.

Verdict: besides so many bad effects, Snapchat is still acceptable because of its fast,

creative and unique process of sending messages.

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