Screenshottin-Legal concern are also raising over the use of Snapchat

Now a day Social messaging platforms are used in various different ways. Pros and cons are

there regarding this issue. Social media has both blessing and curse within it. It is found that

illegal activities are also happening over in these platforms. So different social messengers

are enhancing and adopting various new way outs. Snapchat rolled out their Stories

feature; campus-specific conversations are going far beyond simple self portraits.

Thorough study shows that different types of odd things are also generated through snapchat

stories. In earlier days Snapchat story are used for recruitment process or spreading over various

types of news through it. But time has changed. In the case of school and universities, specific

accounts are being used for platforms for students to share their experiences. Social gathering,

sharing, debate over various issues are understandable. But alarming facts are also coming

out from this medium. Students are found to showcase bad taste things through it. Posting

various states of undress images is also found. To spread any data through this medium there a

reason in needed. Photos are usually submitted to an admin who has the accessibility of saving

photographs, uploading and them to snapchat story. This bad taste data gained a view of huge

section of people. Near about 17,000 viewers have noticed this, viral videos of sexual abusing

or getting drunk or having marijuana also have found but Snapshots are intended to be made for

capturing short video clips of campus life, such as pictures from lectures or different gaming

sessions. But the majority is dominated by sexually explicit videos showcasing open nudity.

Snapchat has the ability where you can submit any kind of images or snap shot videos. No

such filter options are available there. So students mislead this area and violate the terms and

conditions most of the time. Most of the cases fellow students encourage their classmates or

friends to perform party tricks or strip down to various parties while snapchat videos are taking

or capturing. When the accounts are being shut down mirror images or fake mirror accounts of

snapchat are used to spread over these ill and explicit documents. Unidentified users or hackers

could be found. No such options of tressing out the guilty person are there. O it’s very easy to

misguide the platform’s beneficial aspect.

The legal concerns arise from among other issues violations of Snapchat guidelines.

Company officials are trying to spread over the issue of promoting not to click or send sexual

content document through snapchat. They also have warned that guilty persons should be banned

from the service of snapchat for life long. In no other manner they can access the platform of

social messenger. Teenage and young users are requested not to click selfie or other photographs

in bad manner. Monitoring process to find out the culprits is also going over. Ethical hackers

of the company are searching out and working very hard on this particular issue. To regain the

lost images and to enhance the longibility of the pictures, snapchat story is created. It is really a

alarming issue. Snapchat is really trying to take necessity steps to prevent those bad practices

over their platform.

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