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Top news on snapchat making waves

Snapchat is an insanely demanding application. With the increasing trend of using internet,

individuals from all ages and regions are opting for social media to connect to their friends

and relatives. Snapchat is a popular app which allows users to send photographs that are

automatically deleted within seconds. This application allows people to send photos and

messages all over the place with a few taps on the screen. The application has gained

popularity also because of its image filters, video recording facilities and user friendliness.

Why it created news initially

Snapchat has been in the headlines of the social world, not just for its user friendly interface

or upgrades, but because of its controversial activities. Snapchat a few months ago quietly

acquired a company that makes high-tech specs, according to the leaks made viral by some


In favour of this, Snapchat CEO Said that he was “angry” and “devastated” that information

about his start-up business plan was revealed as a result of Sony Pictures’ crippling security

breach. Now snapchat has taken up places also with the banks of the world.

Snapchat has launched ‘Snapcash’ which is a new addition to the ephemeral messaging app

that allows you to send money to friends with just a few taps.

The role of Snapcash

Snapcash has been set up in partnership with payments service Square, and can be used by

anyone over 18 with a debit card and U.S. address. Snapchat has been the talk of tongues

because of its name getting attached to a pill. The snapchat drug that has been sending

people to the hospital beds, and emergency rooms owes its birth to the famous snapchat

application only.

Snapchat, the controversial fleeting messaging app, has launched its Community Geofilters

feature for users. Notably, the firm introduced ‘Geofilters’ for Los Angeles and New York.

The new Community Geofilters lets users create their own filters in the form of an overlay

image, for any given location. Users simply have to choose the area where they want the filter

to be available and upload the image.

“Geofilters are special overlays for Snaps that can only be accessed in certain locations.

Artists and designers are encouraged to use this tool to bring their unique style to the

Snapchat. Additionally, there are rumours that Facebook threatened by the increasing

popularity of snapchat, has offered the creators a bid of 3 million dollars to buy the rights of

the application. If this was not enough, snapchat is now threatened by hackers.

Hackers are threatening to post online a large collection of photos, including nude images,

sent by Snapchat users and apparently intercepted via third-party apps.

Even though, snap chat allows the photo sent or received to be valid for only 10 seconds, still

some people via third party access manage to leak the photos and save them. It has been

reported that approximately 13 GB data from all the regions have been stolen and saved by

these hackers.

Resultant of this, snapchat generated a public notice regarding the safety of all its users.

They warned the users to close all other interfaces while accessing snapchat. Moreover the

creators promise to delete all the third party and big accounts, effective immediately.

Though it is purely on us-the users to make sure that we are safe and sound.

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