sat on the toilet-Snapchat’s Popularity with Teenagers Makes It the Magnet of Many Investors

Snapchat earned popularity and fame in just a couple of years of its inception. It made a place

in the Smartphone of teenagers as a smart app whose pictures and videos vanish in just no time.

The social networking app left behind many other competitors and even shook the foundation of

some of the most popular social networking sites with active teenage engagements in the app.

the unique feature of the app enabled it to mark a unique identity in the app world of the selfie-
obsessed generation. The photos and videos sent through snap chat disappeared from the screen

within 10 seconds just like a ghost.

Why Snaphat turned down the proposal of Facebook?

The teenage app is free to join and apparently does not generate any revenue. But the app

popular with teenagers turned down an offer of three billion dollars from one of the leading

social networking sites, Facebook. Facebook’s attempt to take over Snapchat is seen by many

critics and investors as a desperate attempt to reach the teenagers. Facebook too confessed that

the engagement of the teenagers in their social networking site is waning day by day. But it

may seem surprising that why Snapchat turned down the three billion dollar offer of Facebook.

Probably, Snapchat did not want to lose the popularity among the teenagers. It proved that it can

reach the height of a popular social networking just as Facebook but not Facebook’s acquisition

like Instagram.Sat On The ToiletSat On The Toilet

The ambitious decision of the founders of Snapchat

The most ambitious reason to turn down the three billion dollar offer was probably the attempt

to maintain its position as the teenage app and the new behavior of snapping by the teenagers.

It was probably a sign to reveal that only one company will own it and unlike other companies

it will not sell its rights to any other investor at the time when it is ripe. Some of the investors

who have devised the valuation of snap chat claimed that it probably turned down the offer as it

deserves to get more. With no chances of generating revenue in the near future, Snapchat took an

ambitious decision of not allowing it to be acquired by the most popular social networking site.

Why investors are eyeing Snapchat?

Another rumor circulating about the acquisition of the social networking app is that Snapchat

also turned down four billion dollars offer from Google after enticing a bidding war by

the investors all over the world. The valuation of Snapchat with handful employees, basic

technology, almost an insignificant amount in real estate, some servers does not even come

close to a billion dollars but it is the attention and engagement of the users of Snapchat that is

worth the investment of three billion dollars. Investors are eyeing Snapchat in order to reach the

teenagers to whom they may sell the advertisements in the near future. This was probably the

reason behind Facebook’s attempt to acquire Snapchat.

To sum up

Snapchat probably attempts to remain unique just as its features and do not want to lose its

reputation with as the teenage app or may be a larger amount can sway the founders of Snapchat

to allow it be acquired by investors.

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