sandwich-Investors flocking to the teen-favored Snapchat app

The fact that snapchat has survived the first three years after its launch, despite the numerous

rumors and allegations thrown in its path, shows that no matter what happens, it is here to stay.

This is mainly due to the pre-teens and teenagers spending so much time nowadays on social

apps which are quick and deal with the current whereabouts of their friends. Seeing that no

hurdle can dampen the increasing number of followers of the app, the big names in the market

like Yahoo are now looking to invest in this chatting app which is soon to become the next great

thing if it continues to collect users at such a steady pace. Yahoo is rumored to invest around 20

million dollars in the future after which the app will be valued at a whooping 10 billion dollars,

which is incredible for an app which had such a shaky start!

Why are the teens so interested?

The popularity of snapchat has been astonishing among the teenagers, especially since no one

expected it to survive after the fatal snapchat leak controversy. However, it has been seen that

teenagers nowadays are bored of commenting on the age old photos and posts of their friends on

social networking sites such as Facebook. According to them, they would much rather be aware

of what their friends were doing that that very moment than find out if they went on a vacation a

couple of months back. Snapchat stays true to its name when it comes to connecting one to their

friends as fast as snapping one’s fingers. One can easily share any and every picture with their

friends even if they are doing something that is inappropriate. This is because of the fact that

firstly, the photos get only shared with the people you want as opposed to everyone in your

friend list, and secondly, the photos disappear as soon as they have been viewed, hence wiping

any trace of that photo ever existing. These features definitely give the app a huge edge over

other social apps.




The surrounding controversies

Even though the app has managed to survive so far, the concern regarding its lack of security

when it comes to protecting their users’ privacy is an issue that if not solved quickly can really

prove to be a problem for the app in the future. The snapchat leak has proved to the world that

no matter how fun or exciting this app might be, if one thing it is not yet is safe, which has also

lead many to quit using this app out of mere insecurity. Even though the creators have put the

blame entirely on some third party app which allegedly is against the terms and conditions of the

agreement that every user are required to go through when they decide to download to the app in

their devices. But the hackers on the other hand, who played a lead role in exposing the weak

security system of the app, are of the opinion that if the app had taken more steps in ensuring the

key concept of their app is full proof, such a mishap would have been impossible.

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