saggy niahm dines – A new pain is included in the series of troubles

Observing the recent incidents it seems that controversy do not want to leave Snapchat,

wherever you will find the word Snapchat you can find that a controversy is winding round

it. Recently it has become the prey of another controversial topic, as per the statement of the

users they have received naked images of a woman, which did not come to them from any

known friends or person, and due to this sort of spam messages they are quite in trouble as spam

message is a sign of hacked accounts. By hacking Snapchat account hackers may send obscene

images to the users that is quite harmful for the teenagers. Though this spam message is believed

to be automated but it looks like that it has come from a real person. And those persons who have

accepted the porn bot as friends have received such obscene images.

What is this port bot?

That spam messages comes with an image of a naked woman with a caption beneath the image

asking the recipient to include “her” in the friend list on the messaging app, with the avarice of

receiving more naked pictures. If the user attempt the mistake of accepting the request he or she

will be induced to download an application, this application differs from person to person most

of them are games. At after that porn bot promises to provide more nude pictures if the users

send them the screenshot of the phone as a proof that the game is downloaded in the device.

Is it a spam or a marketing tactic?

This trick is not new in the niche of promoting any new apps but here the old wine is served

in a new bottle. And that’s the twisting part of this old trick, and now it is in the news that the

developers are working to overcome the issue and they have said that soon this problem will be

eradicated from the roots.

Are the developers involved in it?

According to Haley possibly the developers of Snapchat are not behind this, the executors are

the firms which this app makers have hired to augment the number of downloads. But according

to another source it is possible that they are getting paid for the downloaded application. The

vendor of the app is not bother about the way of executing the task and provides them the

freedom to invent some creative way, as a consequence they fool or trick the users and induce

them to download the application and for that the number of downloads have been increasing.

It’s a time-honored tactic and often the app makers unknowingly come into an association with

the spammers.

It’s another pain in the series of growing headaches, the app is already come under accusation

for the exposed username and their phone numbers and the more dreadful news is that, last year

the security experts found loop that can be the way for the hackers to restore those perceived

disappeared images.

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