Roooaar snapchat font and new update

What is the icon called?

The icon is formulated by the CEO of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel. The icon is ‘Ghostface Chillah’

inspired from Ghostface Killah, the Wu Tang Clan rapper. You may think why a faceless ghost

initially was the face of Snapchat. The ghost icon perhaps complements with the feature of this

rapidly growing social platform. The images and videos you share with your friends appear on

their screen and disappear in few moments just like a ghost. The icon was initially a ghost which

has no got cool expressions like a tongue sticking out which makes the ghost not at all spooky

but funny and friendly.
RoooaarDrawing of him. Snapchat font and new update

Can hackers obtain your information?

Hackers once manipulated the data of the Snapchat users by using the vulnerability in the ‘Find

Friends’ interface of this mobile app. To safeguard its user’s information, Snapchat devised a

new formula to keep away bots from logging in to the social platform. Instead of featuring the

popular but hard to decipher captchas, Snapchat instructs the users to trace the image which

features their ghost icon among other various pictures while opening their account. The bots are

unable to trace the right picture and hence cannot exploit any personal information. Snapchat

also allowed its users to unlink their contact number from the username once they have found

their friends. The icon or the ghost mascot of Snapchat thus can keep your information safe.

To conclude

The Ghostface Chillah will be constant companion while you have fun snapping and sharing

with your friends.

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