reverse cell phone directory search telephone number lookup-Whereabouts of Snapchat and its distinction from others

Snapchat is one of the apps of the present generation, which is fast and has features tally which

is innovative. The app was started with a vision of providing pictures, videos and messages

within a circle of friends in particular within the university, but with the with its growing

popularity the snap chat has immerged has a household name now.

The app is perfectly designed for the young generation, with one such features tally where you

may need some guidance source to use this app perfectly. With latest upgradations made in the

app the company is looking to make space for the messages which is short and informative. The

company has come up with a new improved system, where message if not seen within 2 seconds

or more, the picture or message will vanish and drop into the original server of the app.

Special features of snapchat

Now-a-days the social networking pictures are one of the very important parts of the

youngster’s life and they are heavily prone to using the social media to create an image of their

own. Some of the special features of the snap chat app are:

• This is very fast app, and incase if you tend to waste your time 2mins more in any of

the picture your next picture will automatically get deleted into the original server of


• With the deleting nature of the app so popular the pictures of a person is send, will be

deleted and drop into of the server within 10 seconds or as the time set by the sender.

• There is also a find new friends option of the app, which will allow you to make new


• NPR is option on the features tally of snapchat that will allow the user to send selfies to

the destination. The young generation has been fond of clicking selfies, and hence this

app will be popular as well.

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reverse cell phone directory search telephone number lookup2

Features coming up

Change is the only constant is Snapchat, the makers of the app are constantly making

upgradation in the app. Recently this app has been in headline because of its debut into the

advertisement world. The rumors have been spread that app will be coming up with a special

plan of increasing the features tally with the discovery snapchat app. This discovery feature will

have news, advertisement and film trailers.

These will make people aware of the situation of society, and make people aware of the recent

happenings which they aren’t aware of. With the invention of the discovery feature, it is sure that

the people will get everything from snap chat under one head, which will save the precious time

for the users.

To sum up

This snap chat is one of the most popular apps of the generation there is an array of interesting

and important feature, which will help the people to increase the affinity towards the app. Some

of the yet to come out features of the app are the one which brings news, entertainment and

advertisement all under one head.


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