retrieve snapchat images -share and search friends your snapchat-The app snapchat has developed only to attract more fans

Snap chat has improved its ways technologically. It has brought development in its every

feature. We have recently come to know that the app snapchat has brought some new and latest

feature that has not been thought by any other application. What are those features? Well for that

to know you have to wait a bit. The first and the foremost feature of the app are to share photos

and the videos of ourselves or of our activities via the medium of the app. It has the nature of

quick disappearing. Unlike other social media networking sites, the app has the easy deletion

mode enabled for the users.

Upgraded version of the app attracts more users:

The app has upgraded its features and it has drawn more and more users than ever. The usual

amount of users of the app is around 700 million. And it has been noticed as well that the total

amount of viewers of the stories shared on the app is nearly around 500 million. It is an honor for

the application owners that they are gaining so many fans with the help of the application they

have invented.

retrieve snapchat images -share and search friends your snapchat
retrieve snapchat images -share and search friends your snapchat

A short overview of the past of the app:

The app has been developed a few years ago when both of the owners were studying together in

the University of Stanford. The application was a part of their project. They had the design of the

project undertaken for merely of the purpose of class project submission but as the time passes

and the thirst for doing something new appears to be very important for them, they had come

with the idea for setting up a business. And then they developed the whole project into a business

orientation. Within a few months they started their own application with the name of Picaboo.

After a few months nearly in the month of September in 2011 they re-launched the application

now under a new name Snapchat. Since then it has become popular with the same name. The

app has faced a lot of troubles in the path of success but finally their unique patterns have

worked out resulting into earning million dollars of revenue per year for them.

New included features:

The owners of the application have denied selling the app to any other business organization as

they had now developed a few many unique features and they are Discovery feature and the

music feature. Before this users were only able to share some photos and video along with

drawings and text messages but now the users are able to edit them with music and sounds as


At the end:

The discovery application has signed up endorsements with National Geographic, ESPN,

Channel V and so many others like this. There are some fashion channels as well. For the fashion

freaks to news lovers to nature admirers, there is a great scope for all to increase their knowledge

and satisfy their thirst very easily with just the help of one app, snap chat.

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