retrieve pictures from snapchat -retrieve snapchat photos on iphone-Leaked photos have raised the concerned of many

Recent news has said that a group of people have discovered that the photos that are shared on

the snap chat are actually not deleted after the certain set time. No one has witnessed the

evidence behind such a statement. Snapchat pictures are safe as it is claimed by the owners and

the managing committee of the app. Though it is true on the other hand as well that the world has

witnessed some cases of snapchat leaked photos. Media and social networking sites had made

great issues out of those cases. Some people and officials have claimed that the images shared

actually get stored in the server of the app.

Cases of leaked photos:

Even a few months ago, a few people have complained cases in this regard. Young people,

especially the teenagers are especially drawn to the usage of the application. The young mind

does not understand the harm they do to themselves by sexting their pictures. Though it is

strictly prohibited snapchat screenshot taking. Maybe there are some other means to leak the

photos. But as the experts believe that the photos get deposited in the server of the company and

that is the actual source of the photos to get leaked. The company has promised to look into the

matter with more care as it is very sensitive issue. Many meetings are being held and many

inquiries are being conducted to learn about the actual causes of such mishaps.

retrieve pictures from snapchat -retrieve snapchat photos on iphone
retrieve pictures from snapchat -retrieve snapchat photos on iphone

Use the app with subtle care:

Many questions have been raised concerning the privacy and security of the app. Some people

are saying that the app is not looking into such a matter with care enough and for that the result is

like this. Snapchatting addiction leads people to take wrong steps because they don’t know the

rules of the virtual world as well as the potential lurking dangers of the virtual world. It is truly

not the duty of the app and its team. Every individual is in the charge of themselves. They should

be taught how to use the apps like this. The owner and his fellow workers have said and

promised that they will try to develop the security system rather firmer so that not a single photo

may get leaked. Despite the ephemeral nature of the application still there is always a risk that

the photos can get leaked on the internet. The advanced technology is being used for many other

purposes by the youth.

The security concern:

Not only are the photos rather the videos often reported to be leaked on the world of web. It has

raised the concerned of many across the world. Especially the parents of the teens and the young

adults are way too worried about the usage of the snapchat of their kids. They want the app to

tighten up their security quotient for the young people. It is a matter of their future. So we can

hope that the app will soon come up with a better and safer option for the sake of security.

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