Regan McNeil – The Exorcist – Parental guidelines from Snapchat

Sometimes popularity haunts us back, and the same thing is happening with Snapchat. At a

regular interval it is becoming the subject of accusation. At first the finger was raised against

the developers and they were accused of attempting such ugly stuffs in order to gain publicity.

But with time and research the truth had come into the focus and now it is proved that the main

app was never responsible for the incident. The main culprits were one of the third party apps of

snap chat. They offered attractive feature in order to incur the greed of the users and with their

promise of easy accessibility of the main app.

What should be the responsibility of the parents in such situation?

As the attractiveness of Snapchat is quite pervasive and it is hard to resist your young ones from

using the app that’s why you must take some precaution in order to keep them safe from the

brutal effect of leaked personal images. You have to talk to your child openly if their security

is your priority, if once such offensive incident takes place then you can do nothing but regret.

As prevention is far better than cure hence take the necessary attempt when the wind is in your


• Learn about the features of this instant photo sharing app, if you find any drawbacks then

try to explain it to your child.

• Prevent them from downloading any third party app even if they are authenticated,

though at present there is no presence of third party app as Snapchat have eradicated

those apps from the iOs phones and android play store.

• Tell them that sexual images should not be shared through any app as hackers are always

waiting eagerly and they always try break through security to destroy, reveal and utilize

the personal information or stuffs of the users.

• The parents are advised to never lecture on the subject or to never make them panic.

Just make them aware of the potential harmful aspects. If your children are intelligent

enough to understand the importance of the discussion they will spontaneously prevent

themselves from following into the harmful trap of internet.

• Though it does not allow the recipients of the users to save the images, but the android

and iOs these two operating systems allow the user to capture a screenshot. Hence a risk

always exists.

According to research sexting that means sending sexually suggestive texts, images has proved

to harmful as well as upsetting if it falls into the wrong hands. As the children think that the

image would be destroyed after the predetermined time they generally do not find any sort of

risk, but with the advent of the third party app it does not remain secure as earlier, hence the user

must be alert before sending sexually suggestive images as if the images come to the internet

then it will become impossible to wipe out them from the internet, a short moment of fun can be

the reason of embarrassment for the whole life.

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