Snapchat’s global endorsement and its history-recent files

Snapchat is a well known name in the world of social media apps. Reggie Brown, Evan Spiegel

and Bobby Murphy are the students from the Stanford University who developed the apps. They

made this app to transfer photos, record videos, text messages, drawing among all the friends in

the university. The most significant feature of this app is this picture, videos, messages that are

transferred vanishes after a stipulated time periods.

The pictures, messages, videos all that are transferred are known as Snaps because it vanishes

within seconds, and from here its name Snapchat is derived.


According to the reports of May 2014, the user of the apps sends nearly 700million of videos and

photos per day, and its estimated value is US$ 10 billion.

In 2011 suddenly an idea floated into the minds of Evan Spiegel, the classmates was hesitant

about his dream to be made into reality. He was very enthusiastic with the thought and made the

app launch in his father’s living room with the name of Picaboo, in July 2011, which was later

renamed as Snapchat.

Today its importance in market is booming and in the middle of 2012 the app saw 25 snapchat

pictures sent to different destinations.
Recent FilesRecent Files

New innovations

Snapchat is open to all forms of innovations and its first step was seen in the form of Snapkidz,

which was introduced by the owners of the app for the kids less than 13 years. It is released at

such a stage when the question arise that, are kids are getting prone to more adultery world? This

app is just the perfect authentic app because it is activated once the kids provide the date of birth.

Snapchat has many sorts but one of the most talked about was when its 5.0 version was released

which is compatible with iPhone’s software of ios and its name was Banquo. Same app was

released for its android devices too.


The app has taken everybody by surprise by its features tally.

• The app transfers messages, images, videos and the destination smartphone through its


• It transfers all the information within seconds and after a stipulated time it is deleted also.

• And this deleted photos or videos are kept in the original server of the app.

This app has a big fan base all over the world, since it has been so utilized and popular

among teen agers and social media freaks. This app is gradually creeping into the world of

advertisement with its first advertisement being a trailer of a Hollywood movie. On the other

hand its original server’s photos were leaked which has created a big chaos. People all over

the world are in threat that the photos, videos or messages that are transferred will be leaked

out globally and they will be at an embarrassing situation.

Still many companies are looking to make big investment into the company, seeing its

growth rate, with such a popularity the fortunes of the company will definitely turn.

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