really snapchat loving it

Snapchat stories- the newest ground of breeding celebs

In 2013, Snapchat unfolded the newest feature called Snapchat stories. The Snapchat story

became its most popular feature where anybody can post content with videos, texts and snaps

and packaging it as a neat story that can be shared and viewed among the friends within 24

hours, and after that, it will disappear.

There is no doubt that Snapchat has found its loyalists among many celebrities, but the simple

fact that it can make celebrities out of common users, is one of the reasons of Snapchat’s


Shaun McBride is perhaps the most-identified name to Snapchat junkies. Shaun creates amazing

content with the help of Snapchat stories and goes with his now-famous handle ‘Shonduras’.

Millions of fans around the world made Shaun a celebrity on his own right in Snapchat. So much

so that, even the brands like Disney and Major League Soccer in USA understood his worth and

made most of it by engaging with him in promoting their brands in Snapchat.

Jerome Jarr is another Snapchat’s ‘home-grown’ celebrity who has 1 million followers in his

Really snapchat loving itReally, snapchat loving it

Other celebs that use Snapchat

Celebs from music world and Hollywood silver screen are enamored by Snapchat in equal

measures. Singing sensations like Rihanna, Ariana Grande and actors like Gerard Butler,

Channing Tatum and socialite like Kim Kardasion are constant features of Snapchat. is the freshest addition

For snapchat users who feel disappointed in the vanishing of posts within 10 seconds, can share

photos freely in This free online social platform makes the everyday photo-
sharing experience an exciting and fun-filled one with its many features.


Snapchat is one of the delights in social media sites, and if you like to merge selfies and

creativity together, then you can be also a snapchat celeb one day.

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