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The disappearing picture app

What turned up to be a completely unique messaging app, was, if Brown be believed, initially

meant to be a “sexting” app, where instead of pictures sent and received through the internet

leaving a permanent virtual fingerprint, would disappear automatically after it has been seen by

the person it was meant to be seen by. The main aim of this app was to prevent unwanted tracing

or hacking and ultimately misuse of the pictures that are private and extremely personal. This

idea was solely conceived by Brown, which he then went on to share with his two dorm mates.

Because he was behind the conception of this brilliant idea, which transformed into a potentially

enormous profit-making machine, Brown is under the impression that his partners owe him at

of everything that the company is and ever will be worth.

least 1/3rd
Real Snap Chat Leaked PhotosReal Snap Chat Leaked Photos

The climactic split

While the actual reason behind the argument that caused the final split remains uncertain, all that

is known is that Spiegal and Murphy changed passwords and moved on to make a successful

future for the messaging app, leaving Born to think about his next move, which as is apparent

now was filing a lawsuit against them.

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