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Snapchat has become more ad friendly than before however it lacks some significant features

that the brands may love and providing the users a simple way to pursue the accounts and like

the published contents. And now to drag more traffic they incorporated the sharing tools. In the

Discover section at first sharing was limited, the 12 media outlets including Snapchat published

contents daily including articles, videos and GIFs. Vice, Cosmo, ESPN and Food Network are

the first media partners of Discover that formed a group to check the potentiality of the lucrative

service that Snapchat was offering. And undoubtedly this feature has fulfilled their expectations

as still now after one long year they are associated with the app.

Makers are working upon to improve the Discover feature

More media outlets are soon to be attached to the segment as Snapchat is already talking with

several publishers and trying to make the feature attractive and vigorous. They are also working

upon the appearance of the Discover part and willing to make it more visually appealing. At

present the users just need to swipe the screen towards the right direction two times to enter into

the Discover section and one of the early grievances that the users expressed against it was lack

of visibility, hence the makers also intend to resolve the issue. Hopefully very soon they will

solve the problems and will make the feature more user-friendly. However some users also

exclaimed that it does not supposed to be an issue for them and they have no objection with it. It

does not seem to be a problem for them and said that people who are not tech-savy would only

consider it as a trouble.

More media partners are going to be associated to Snapchat

In spite of being in the centre of criticism the publishers get thousands, in some occasions

millions of views at a single day. As a consequence bigger sponsors are signing with the app and

ready to pay almost $500, 000 to be featured on Discover, as explained by a source. Snapchat

shared the earned revenue with its publishing associates. Zyrtec and Philadelphia Cream Cheese

have joined in the sponsor list of Discover.

Many even proclaim that Snapchat just captivates the advertisers and in reality those are rubbish.

However they wish more than just being a commercial interruption that just disappears. The

move to share method, a bit of different approach from Snapchat’s one to one messaging, was

observed as the foremost service to provide the brands more mature marketing platform. Since

the sharing tool is the latest edition, even the media associates that are guided by Snapchat, are

bringing out more engaging content to encourage the users to share them along. And it is the

time to proclaim that marketers wish to learn effective tactics that can encourage the users for

sharing their published contents. to engage the users provide the users an image for decorating

them with emojis and give users the scope of filling up the blank.

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