rated snapchat websites and tumblr-How the social media apps achieve their first active users base?

Have you ever wondered of the fact that how the popular social media apps brought their first

ten thousand users, we all have more or less knowledge on the fundamental steps of promoting

an app. But naturally, every trick is not applicable for every business; likewise each and every

promotional tactics may not work for every application.

Vivid concept over the initial stage of social media apps promotion

Most of the social media receive their first users by influencing the network effect in the

localized zones. Even the first ten thousand users are also induced through several ways like

providing a sense of uniqueness, promotions as well as promotional events and parties. The

network effect suggests that the service will become stronger with the joining of more users, and

that’s why the existed users convince their familiar persons to join. Generally the promotions

of newly launched app starts of a specific location like a university campus and this can make

the app more popular than any other strategy. Often parties are held where people talk over the

app and share their experience of using the app, which leverage the other people and incur their

interest. Interest compels them to download and sign for such app.Rated Snapchat Websites And TumblrRated Snapchat Websites And Tumblr

User’s referral is the strongest pillar behind the increasing rate of active users

But apart from all these the main thing that works behind the popularity of social media apps like

Snapchat, Instagram are their promising feature that allure the crowd. Though at first people

came to know of these apps through other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and from the

press conferences that are held by the admin of the sites, but most of the people became aware of

their existence through mouth to mouth referral or general users referral. Whenever people find

something unique, extraordinary people show inclination towards them. Hence it can be said that

the experimenting mentality of the crowd to enjoy something new is one of the reason behind the

growing familiarity of those apps.

Uniqueness is the USP of Snapchat, Instagram

When people care for something they share their view on it, hence whenever they find out

something interesting without any sort of inspiration they broadcast their view about it. Same

thing has taken place in this case as well. Instagram gives the facility of sharing only photos

and to maintain a closed followers group that was a unique concept when this app came into

the market. Though after observing its huge success several company launched various apps

following the same pattern but no one gained such a huge rate of success like it. It proves that

people take interest only on those apps who offer unique and easily accessible features. Likewise

e Snapchat brought a unique feature of ephemeral messages and that was their USP, at that

was the reason that most of the users refer it to his friends. And through these ways Snapchat,

Instagram and few other apps have gained their first ten thousands active users base.

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