pretzel face make up-All You Need to Know about Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular Smartphone apps. It is a photo messaging app. One can

share picture, video and message with his/ her friends through this photo messaging app. For

sharing a picture the user needs to select a time span for the picture, he/ she can select from one

to ten seconds. After receiving the snap the receiver will be allowed to see the snap only for

these selected seconds. The picture will be deleted automatically from the app after that period.

This is very important and useful feature of this app, the users like most this disappearing feature

of this app.

Use of Snapchat app

Millions of users are now engage in using this social networking app. The main users of the

Snapchat app is the teenagers, they often share their intimate pictures, love pictures, nude videos

with their close friends. And those things cause the Snapchat leak. The hackers are able to hack

that explicit adult content and then they spread those in various websites for money or for some

other purposes. The users share their nude photographs through this app without knowing the

future of those contents. This is not the purpose of using this app. The app was created for a

creative purpose, to share the emotion through pictures, but some users are using this platform to

share their private objects. This insists the hackers, and they are using those objects for some evil

purposes.Pretzel Face Make UpPretzel Face Make Up

Popularity of the app

Snapchat is very popular among the users, and it is increasing its popularity day by day. The

main users of this app are the teenage boys and girls. The thirteen to seventeen years old United

States teens are the half of the total Snapchat users. Almost 500 million snaps get shared by the

users in a day. The present users of this app are 27 million, which was 14 million a year ago.

Snapchat rejects Facebook’s $ 3 billion offer

Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat app for its popularity, they6 offered $ 3 billion for this app.

But the Snapchat authority did not pay any heed to this proposal. This time Snapchat authority is

not interested about selling their app, they are now busy with making new development in this

app. And for that they are taking new services to this app, the features are also getting updated.

For using this social networking app the users need to be more responsible. For sharing any

private object they need to think about the future of those objects. The hackers are engage in

hacking the explicit pictures and videos of the users. And for that users get shocked by seeing

their naked pictures in the internet. Actually those are the Snapchat leak. Several third party apps

are also responsible for this also. Those third party apps allow the users to take screenshots, and

by the screenshots the users are able to store the adult objects from this app, in their device. So,

the users have to be more responsible.

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