Pretty social network followers sites-Get Snapchat App in your iPhone or Android Device

Millions of people are now engaged with Snapchat app. This is the age of social networking

apps, and Snapchat is one of the most popular social networking apps in this planet. In fact this

social networking app is used for photo sharing. The users can share picture, video and messages

with their friends through this app. They can share any pictures they want to share with their

friends. The app is engage in updating its features and services to provide the users more

facilities. The text chat facility, video calling system and Snapchat Discover are added to this

app, and all those are enough to give this app more popularity.

How to use Snapchat?

The use of Snapchat is very easy, anybody can use this. The main purpose of this app is picture,

video and message sharing. The objects those get shared in this app are called snaps. So, for

sharing a snap you need to select it first. Then you need to select existing time for it, one can

select this time from 1 to 10 seconds. After receiving the snap the receiver will be able to see this

snap only for these selected seconds. After that short period the snap will be disappeared

automatically from the app, it also does not allow the users to store the snaps in the device.Pretty Social Network Followers SitesBeautiful -Pretty social network followers sites

Snapchat on iPhone

For using Snapchat in your iPhone you need to install this app from the App Store, the

installation process is not a tough one, do as you do to install other apps in your device. Then

you need to open an account in this app. After that your Snapchat account is ready to use. You

can start communicating with your friends.

Snapchat on Android

If you need to use Snapchat app in your Android device you need to install the app from the

Google Play. The installation process is same like the installation of other apps in your device.

Open your account in this app and start using. Now you can share pictures, videos and messages

with your friends. All services of this app are now ready for you.

The popularity of this app

The app is one of the most popular apps in this world. The popularity of this app is getting

increased day by day. The present user of Snapchat is 27 million, which was 14 million a year

before. More than 500 million snaps get shared by the users in a day. So, these reports are

enough to say the popularity of this app. The main users of this app are the teenagers. A report

has said that the half of the total users is the United States teenagers, age between 13 to 17 years.

With days the popularity of this social networking app is getting increased. The app is also

updating its features and services to provide more facilities to the users, and also to make it more

useful. If you are iPhone or Android user you can get this app more easily to install in your


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