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The app that is creating buzz is the happening Snapchat. People all around the world are using

this app to share images. This app has made photo sharing much more secure and safe. This

app shares text, video and photo. Most of the people know the specialty of the app but for the

unknown it is again stated that with this app one cam set a time for each snap. After the message

is sent the message will get automatically deleted according to the time set by the sender. The

maximum time that you can set for the snap is 10 seconds.

The latest added element of Snapchat

The latest addition of the app is the introduction of advertisement in Snap chat. Advertisement

is given by any business to generate profit. This is the source through which business wants to

attract audiences and the target customers. The advertisements have the benefit in both ways.

The service that is advertised gets the publicity has the need to share the publicity of any other

medium. Thus there is a simple equation in this world of advertisement. Advertisement is serving

the purpose of both the parties. The organization that is providing the ad wants attention and

market and the person who is getting the advertisements is getting the money.
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The Snap chat has became a platform

As the snap chat is getting many interesting ads of famous brands thus it is to be understood that

the platform is found to be profitable by the companies. The brand as they are using the platform

of the app they are acknowledging the popularity of the app. This platform is chosen to give ads

in the platform, as a lot of people are attracted to this app for the service it is providing. The app

that was introduced three years ago has now gained popularity. Even movie trailers are being

advertised through the platform of the app.

Snapchat is making money

With the advertisement coming from popular brands the app is gaining more popularity to some

extent the popularity of the brand that is being advertised in the app are also getting the share

of popularity. The ads that are posted in the app disappear after 24 hours of being posted. The

advertising part is a great leap that the app has taken. This is helping them to get revenue which

is profitable for the company of Snapchat. Through this way that content that will appear in the

news feed of the app are all being paid. The space of the app is put to sell through this way of


The ads that are there in this app are mostly big names that have acclaimed themselves and

thus have reputable positions in the market. The ads that are chosen in the app of Snapchat are

interesting and fun that goes with the fun side of the app. The app ahs these quick and funny

elements which are depicted in the ads used in the app.

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