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Snapchat is highly popular messaging service mobile app which have millions of active

users on daily basis. Snapchat users are growing day by day and it has already become a

major force in messaging service genre. Interestingly in some aspects it has even started

giving shivers to the social media giant Facebook. Snapchat offer a simple yet advanced

messaging service with allows the users to send and receive images and videos which

get deleted with a short time. This is known as ‘disappearing’ messaging service by the

Snapchat. However it does have its own share of stunning news, exciting updates, unwanted

rumours and security related issues.

A Third Party Leaks Tens of Thousands Of Snapchat Photos

Snapchat suffered from the leakage of a large amount of photos and videos of its users in the

November 2014. This serious and damaging leakage was named as ‘The Snappening’ by the

media houses. A web client named ‘’ revealed that its servers were hacked

by the notorious hackers and they swindled of with 13 GB worth of images and videos of

Snapchat users. Snapsaved used to provide a service of saving the images and videos sent

on the Snapchat app without letting the Snapchat know about it. Child pornography was

abundant in the photos leaked by the hackers.

It should be noted that the Snapchat security was never compromised in ‘The Snappening’

case. Rather it the use of illegal third-party apps and web clients for saving the images and

videos by Snapchat users resulted in the photo leakage. Snapchat had earlier alarmed its

users from using such apps but no one cared about.
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Snapchat Users To Get Ads

The Snapchat officials have declared their intension of generating revenue by providing

ads within its messaging service for the first time. Snapchat would be introducing the

advertisements, trending videos and news articles in an untargeted way on its popular app.

This dynamic ad service would be called ‘Snapchat Discovery’ which would allow the users

to read daily edition of the participating publications along with watching the latest videos

clips either from movies or popular TV shows in a seamless manner.

These ads designed to be non-intrusive and untargeted in nature which means that it will not

certainly bother the users. Users would be given the choice whether they wish to watch these

ads or not.

How Snapchat Is Ruining Facebook

The hugely popular disappearing images and videos based mobile application Snapchat has

made its way into the big foray with a bang. Snapchat now commands the same authority

and fame as its rivals Facebook and Whatsapp. Snapchat unique messaging service has

created a huge fan base among the younger generations. It has been estimated that a large

portion of its users comes from the age group of 13 and 17 which are basically the teenagers.

Kids and even a considerable numbers of young adults are loving this app and are found to

spend their quality time by sharing the photos and videos on Snapchat.

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