Recently, when SnapChat took the online world with surprise, it also made Facebook

developers spend more time at their desk. Reports suggest that Facebook, after seeing the

high acclamation of SnapChat app, wants to develop an app, similar to it. Since its launch,

SnapChat’s popularity grew widely, making it one of the popular apps of the internet world.



Reasons for Popularity:

The Snapchat picture app became extremely popular since its launch and the main reason

behind this popularity is the new concept that it came in the market with. The concept of chatting

with pictures, videos and editing them with drawings and texts was extremely new and thus was

very interesting. Sending pictures and videos became extremely easy with this app. Also the

feature to fix a timer with the sent snap was another interesting initiative. After the set time, the

data would automatically erase from everywhere. This option made the app even more popular

as this meant there was no need of using phone’s memory for longer span and you could click

many pictures to show your friends. Recent news about snapchat reveals that it is one of the

most used apps for “selfies”.

Inspiration for Facebook:

Seeing the wide popularity and acceptance of Snapchat opened new doors of development for

Facebook. Reports suggests that Facebook is also working on towards developing a new App

like Snapchat picture app, where it cannot only provide easy access and transfer of pictures

to users, but also link it with Facebook. The work will not be that easy as Facebook needs to be

careful that any new modification should be such that users find it interesting. After all Facebook

will not want to annoy its large user base.

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