plez dnt judge you dnt no my story

This app right from its start is facing challenges, controversies and allegations, but eventually

came up from all that and is not at the very top. Recently, statistics proved that Snapchat is one

of the most used app amongst teenagers and young users of smart phones. This is no way means

that usage of this app is limited to young users only. Users of all age group and all caste, creed,

and demography are using this app. The main reason of this app’s wide usage is its feature and

amazing technology and concept that it brought to the technology world.
Plez Dnt Judge You Dnt No My StoryPlez Dnt Judge You Dnt No My Story

Which is better Snapchat or Instagram?

This is another common comparison that you will find most of the technology users do. Well

these are two different app and comparing them is like comparing orange with mango. However,

if you want to compare both the apps on the basis of their features, I will strongly recommend

usage of Snapchat over Instagram. The reason is quite obvious, unlike Instagram, this app does

not uses or wastes phone’s memory for pictures that you click to share. With the help of this app,

just click the pic and share it instantly, and after the set time, it gets deleted forever. On the other

hand, this app has amazing features that lets you go to video mode easily, whereas in Instagram,

you need to click the video button wait for a while, and then record your video. In short this app

is far better to use if you want to experience amazing photo messaging.

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