play with me you all apps-What is Social Media?

Social Media is different types of online media where people are taking participate in talking,

sharing, networking through the help of online support. Wide variety of social media is arising

day by day. One of the most important aspects for its stupendous increasing popularity lies in fun

sharing. It’s very easy to share ideas, photos, videos, likes and dislikes. Connectivity with the

outer world can happen in very easy way. We can find friends, share our views on certain issues,

also can protest over on different issues by using this platform.

Different types of Social media: Micro blogging sites, instant image sharing apps, photo edit

and sharing websites, blogs etc these are the different kind of social media platforms. We can

write down short messages, friendship quotes, larger articles can also be published through the

help of this. Instant messenger, Photo taking and instant-edit sites are hugely popular now a day.

Recent survey report shows that a social networking site named Snapchat is at the top of the

priority list among their users.Play With Me You All AppsPlay With Me You All Apps
What is Snapchat?

It is an instant photo sharing and video messaging mobile app which offers us to share short

video clips and photos with our friends, relatives and close ones. In the recent time most of the

people’s are technologically sound. With the help of smart phones we can easily access with

social networking sites. Snapchat is one of those applications which can smoothly run in android

phones and in iPhone too. It is very tiny in size. We can take picture and instant edit it with the

inbuilt toolbar and just in a moment with a swipe of our finger in the touch screen of our phone.

After certain period of time the sent items can also be removed from its server. Other hugely

appreciated features are also attached with this app like instant video taking and listening to

music simultaneously. We can also send money to other friends who are also in snapchat user’s

list through Snapcash option.

Why applications like Snapchat is the next level of Social media:

It is found that now a day various texting sites are lacking their popularity. At the age of

smart phones, apps are in huge demand. Users are choosing this kind of social networking

applications. Apps are the new age version of social media. Social media and various social

media platforms like micro blogging sites or view sharing websites understand that they have to

mould themselves to grab more public attention towards them. Smart phone leads this process

hugely. Now a day most of the people can afford a smart phone and the processor allows running

of these applications very smoothly.

Recent survey report also shows people are using applications like Snapchat very much. Trade

analysis statics proves the same situation. So we can easily draw a solution that the next big thing

in the term of social media is snapchat. Being on top priority list among users and its increasing

popularity also shows the up gradation of social media platform can happen through it

snap chat