Snapchat Brings a Breakthrough in Journalism-Plastic Surgery problems

Snapchat is setting a ground-breaking platform for the new age journalists who are making the

most of this app for their profession. Although it is dubbed as a teenage app for its popularity

among the teens, this app can be vital in many aspects of journalism. Journalists often face a

life risk while transmitting controversial news or news related to people in power but with the

self destructive feature of this app, it will be almost difficult to trace the source of the photos.

Journalists often use this app among their community so that the news does not get transmitted

to other media houses. Snapchat has opened new vistas for journalism where they deal with the

most viral news.
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How you can make the most of Snapchat being a journalist?

Snapchat is an evolving platform in journalism so most of the journalists and media houses are

ignorant of how they can make the use of the Snapchat app.

• Better reach

You can reach many people at the same time using this app. If you want to make any

news viral, you can send it to many people but it destructs itself after the stipulated time.

You may make use of the instant sharing system or you can use the ‘stories’ feature of

this app to reach out to the people. You may send the news covered by you to your media

house with this feature and it will be auto-destroyed after 24 hours.

• User-generated content

You will be able to get content generated by the users. If any user takes a Snapchat

screenshot of a vital event he had received via Snapchat then you can get it from him.

You may also get images from many users which may match up with your article or


• Direct interaction with readers

If you send any instant message through Snapchat app, it is more likely that the readers

will read it instantly. The snappers can interact with you directly as well as they are

deemed to be active in using the app.

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