picture of iphone apps, picture editor apps iphone for google play-Snapchat- and it’s footprint in ecommerce

Business industry is all about earning revenue. So it is not a very tough a task to understand that

snapchat will do the same. Earning revenue must be the main point of attention for any business

person to grow the business and to take the business to an all new height. Snapchat has been

introduced to the market a few years ago and it has earned people’s attention hugely because of

its easy to understand and user friendly nature.

Snapchat’s denial for getting sold

We came to hear that the owner of the app has denied selling it to any other social networking

site despite being offered a huge amount of money. As per the source, the owner is looking

forward to bring some more features in the wish to earn more revenue. The buzz has it that very

soon the app will make a deal with the big names in the industry of business, entertainment and

technology. It is still in the phase of a rumor. A bud is the indication towards the soon

blossoming flower. So we are in the hope that very soon the rumor will prove to be the truth.

The fellow workers in the company have denied confirming on the news. Though we came to

know that the owner of the company will soon be seen attending a meeting with the giant of the

business industry as to grow his own business. It is the rule of the life to carry on with the flow.

Nothing ever stops for the sake of any one. The same rule is applicable in the business world as

well as in the world of technology. The new experiments and some new innovative concepts can

change the regular and the dull life of the ordinary commonplace.

picture of iphone apps, picture editor apps iphone for google play
picture of iphone apps, picture editor apps iphone for google play

The freshness of the app with total new concept

Snapchat is such an app that has been developed to bring some newness in the life of the

ordinary. When it came to the market approximately a decade ago, it had taken the world by total

surprise. It is a boon to the society. Chatting with the media of snapping and videos was such an

impossible idea. But in the time of technology, nothing seems to be impossible since we can now

communicate with more ease and comfort from our homes, rooms. Cozily sitting on your couch

or sleeping in your bed, now you can learn what your friends and family members are doing and

you can tell them more about yourself by sharing images with edited with music for better

understanding of others about your emotions.

The company that is in the charge of the app has said that they have now targeted a larger body

of the audience as they are looking forward for the better earning of the revenue. Many critics

have sneered at the news but it is true that everyone in this field wants to grow from earning

better figure of revenue. So it quite justified for snap chat app as well.

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