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This weekend was buzzed with a new word ‘Snappenning’ which first to be a simple

photo leak but gradually grew beyond the proportions. Snappening was coined to reveal

the intensity of the photo leak of the Snapchat users. You must be wondering how all of it

happened within a span of four-to-five days.

The Beginning of Snappenning

Thousands of photos sent via the Snapchat which is a disappearing photos and videos

messaging service were leaked online by the hackers without ever breaching the app’s

servers. had admitted to the hacking is seen as the primary source of the

Snapchat leak. The treasure trove of the private snaps was first posted online on a fake

website called, later it was deleted after the photos were downloaded by the

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Third Party-apps lets down the Snapchat Users

Snapchat service is such that the photos and videos once shared on the messaging platform

disappear from its server after 24 hours. Snapchat were victimized by using the third-party

apps which allowed them keep the photos and videos saved even after it disappears from the

Snapchat. Snapchat had stated use of such discriminatory third-party apps are prohibited by

its Terms Of Use as they have the tendency to compromise the user’s security.

Snapchat also continuously monitors the different App stores and the popular Google Play

for the illegal third-party apps. In the past it has successfully removed more than a dozen

inappropriate apps or add-ons on different app stores online.

How Does Snapchat Works?

This breach comes after five months when the Snapchat has settled with the Federal Trade

Commission regarding the claims of deceiving its users about the disappearing messages.

Snapchat officials has said it collects, processes and stores the secret messages over its server

for a temporarily basis. And it affirms that the content is automatically deleted as soon as

they are viewed by one or more recipients.

Snapchat has worked hard to build a considerable trust factor for its disappearing messaging

service but its best intentions are marred by the slew of third-party apps and web clients.

Threat to Snapchat User’s Privacy

After this ‘Snappening’ a search on the major app stores like the Google Play and Apple’s

app store reveals a large number of third party apps which promises to save the Snapchat

images and videos. Most of these mobile apps and services are extremely easy to use and

works in the same direction. Users are simply expected to log on to this service using their

Snapchat credentials and then they could easily save their pictures and videos which is sent or

received by the Snap free of cost.

McAfee online security expert has said that the Snapchat should not have a reasonable

expectation that their snaps would remain private any longer in the of the illegal third-party

apps. To put it simply we could say that as long as Snapchat and these third-party apps are in

the cross chairs of hackers, no one could guarantee the images would remain private.

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