pic-All new snap chat is ready to entertain youngsters with some latest and unique features.

Snap chat the social messaging app has many unique features but now it’s all set to entertain

youngsters with more distinct features. This messaging app is very common among friends and

kids to share their secrets. The secrets shared here are not be revealed amongst anyone. The new

generation messaging app is all set to launch its update with various new and unique features that

no other app has ever tried. This is the biggest update in past two years of the app. All these new

features are likely to hit its users in coming may. So make your day all the more productive with

some special features of this app.

 Transparency report feature

This feature of app prepares a transparency report of the entire data requests that snap

chat receives from government around the world. This report helps users know what

each government has to say about snap chat. All the new ideas and suggestions

highlighted in this report. With the help of this report they can also investigate all the

illegal activities. So this report aims at total security and privacy of its users and do

everything possible to save snap chat from illegal and corrupted data.

 Discover feature

This discover feature helps users explore different stories from different editorial teams.

All the social media companies post their recent stories here on snap chat and this new

feature of app hence allows users to explore all those interesting stories here only. All the

editions of stories are refreshed every 24 hours. So one can explore the latest and the

newest stories. So this new discover feature promises happy discovering to all its users.

 Community geofilters feature

This feature is a total fun as with this feature one can create their own unique geofilters

for many occasions like birthdays, marriage proposals etc. just create a piece of your own

art and share it with anyone with the help of this feature of the app.

 Snap cash feature

This is another interesting feature of the app which enables one to share cash with your

friends during anytime of the day. This feature is created in partnership with another

company. One has to enter their debit card number just once and there after one can send

cash easily to their friends. This debit card number is securely saved in squares in this

app by a secured company square who will there after do all the processing safely. And

its very simple to use this feature just simply type the dollar sign, an amount e.g $ 21.25

and hit the green button in the chat screen.
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To conclude we can say that all new snap chat is going to be very famous among the youngsters

as its new features are very interesting and these new features have the capability to strengthen

the weakened image of the app among users. Hence one should definitely try this all the new

snap chat app at least once.

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