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Application History

According to the sources, the Snapchat developers revealed in February 2013 that the application users were sending nearly about 60 million snaps every single day. In addition, for a mobile application it is a huge success. In addition, to the developers astonishment the Application gained more popularity and the figures reached to 400 million snaps being shared among users per day.

The application started as a college project by the developers who were then the students in Stanford University. Soon with time, it gained popularity and in the year 2013 the developer team released upgraded version for both Android and iOS for Apple based devices. The users were granted the swipe facility by which they can navigate among different contacts and their snap. The reply button is improved in the new version has been changed to just double tapping the screen. The new users do not need to trouble themselves to find the reply button and along with that, it was a very time saving innovation in the application history.


Snapchat is a mobile application that runs on Android OS and iOS. Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy as their college project in Stanford University created it. The reason for bringing in Bobby Murphy was his excellent coding skills. Using the application the user can send pictures and videos recording quickly. In the mobile application, the pictures and the video recordings are known as Snaps. The taken images can be edited before sending. The user can add texts and signatures to the snaps. At the same time, the snaps can be made attractive via special effects of the application.

The application is mostly famous for its friendly interface and quick image sharing. According to the developers, the application was made with the idea of communication with the help of image sharing. The normal communication tools and applications, which use texts and voice recorders, have been too mainstream and monotonous. The image sharing application Snapchat has brought a revolution in the world of social networking scene.


The most famous feature of the application is that the user can send a snap and predetermine the time the receiver individual could view it. As for example, the sender wants the user to show a picture but does not want the image to be stored in the receiver’s phone. In the case the sender can predetermine the seconds the individual would be able to view it. After that predetermined time, the image will be deleted automatically. The sender can set the time ranging from 1 – 10 seconds.

Along with this interesting security feature, the developers have kept in mind every small negative aspect of the normal social networking applications. There is a blue button “here” which is bubble shaped. The user to inform another user that they are here and are interested in a video conversation can use it. Often there are “Accept” buttons for this but they imply very negative aspects.

Developers are still continuously trying and are releasing updates to make the app more users friendly.

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